02/02/2012 03:19 am ET | Updated Apr 02, 2012

John Cleese Plays Couples Therapist Who Doesn't Listen On 'Whitney (VIDEO)

Legendary comedian John Cleese ("Monty Python") stopped by "Whitney" (Wednesdays, 8 p.m. EST on NBC) to help Chris and Whitney work through some couples issues. Cleese played a therapist who was more interested in shilling his book than necessarily listening to his patients. But at least the advice he had for them seemed to work.

The problem started when Whitney started hanging out and talking more with a guy from work. Surprising himself more than anyone else, Chris realized he was jealous of this relationship, and even started suspecting it had or would soon go beyond just being friends.

Cleese's character correctly diagnosed that Whitney was seeking an emotional connection outside of the relationship. After fumbling through some of his exercises, Alex let loose with what he was really feeling. He remembered a comment Whitney had made at the beginning of their relationship. She'd said if they ever got bored, put a bullet in the relationship and move on. He was afraid this friendship at work was indicative of her getting bored with him.

In a strange end sequence, the couple returned to Cleese. This time, he didn't hear anything, so they had Whitney do one of his exercises with him. The episode ended with Whitney and Cleese holding one another cheek to cheek. Two generations of comedy coming together perhaps?

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