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The Urlesque Show: Man Faints From Tickling, Wedding Reception Mishap, Baby Awesome At Table Tennis (VIDEO)

First Posted: 02/ 2/2012 2:10 pm Updated: 02/ 2/2012 2:51 pm

Urlesque Show

Today's Urlesque Show features a man who has an unexpected hidden quirk, a wedding reception game gone awry, and a baby prodigy.

First up is a Larry, who faints when he gets tickled. Really. And he's a good enough sport to let his friends tickle him for the sake of making a viral video.

Next is a groom just trying to play a little wedding reception game with his friends, but no one took into account how dedicated they'd be to the game.

Finally we have a baby who has mastered table tennis at a very early age. Did someone say Wimbledon?

Check them all out, and be sure to let us know which is your favorite viral video of the day in the comments.


Filed by Christine Friar  |