02/02/2012 05:06 pm ET | Updated Aug 31, 2012

Final Round: Game Day Snacks Bracket Challenge

Well, this is it. With just one final vote, the king of all the best Super Bowl snack foods will be crowned. Starting with an original line-up that included such favorites as guacamole, pizza, french onion dip and chocolate brownies, it's been a brutal elimination process -- and we at Kitchen Daily have been sad to see some of these dishes go.

But, it's now down to just two items: chicken wings vs. nachos. And, we know this isn't going to be an easy decision. How can you decide between two completely essential, and oh so different snacks? We know it won't be easy for us. So we understand if you have to take a couple of minutes to mull it over. But just make sure you get this last vote in, it could make all the difference. Scroll below the infographic to place your vote!

Note: Voting has now closed! Check back on Kitchen Daily to find out who the winner is!