Brad Pitt On 'Moneyball' Success: 'I Won't Have Another Year Like This For A While'

02/03/2012 09:53 am ET

Brad Pitt has had quite a year. But if he's learned anything from playing Billy Beane in "Moneyball," it's that he can't count on another Oscar nod for a while.

"You've got these awards and there's going to be one winner and four losers, but the four losers made great films," Pitt told The Guardian. "A subtle point of 'Moneyball' is that we're a string of successes and failures. Odds are I won't have another year like this for a while."

Pitt may know the ins and outs of the business now, but he's the first to admit he knew next to nothing about baseball before playing the general manager of the Oakland A's.

"I'm amazed they let me do this movie," Pitt told Sports Illustrated. "Baseball and I didn't get along that well. I wrestled one year [in high school]. I dove one year. Everything but baseball."

Statistics aside, Pitt's year is looking good -- he's starring in "Voyage Of Time," "Cogan's Trade" and "World War Z," all slated for 2012 release dates.

Fore more on Pitt, head over to The Guardian.