Denver Police Surveillance Video Shows Excessive Use Of Force Against Shoplifting Suspect In 2007

02/03/2012 02:30 pm ET

Denver Police are again in the spotlight for excessive force after the release of surveillance video from a 2007 incident.

The video shows Officer Kevin Guzman handcuff a shoplifting suspect, then slam him into a wall, grab his hair, and throw him to the ground. Guzman was suspended for four days and reprimanded for not reporting the incident. A lawyer for the Police Protective Union told the Denver Post the amount of force Guzman used was within department guidelines.

A KDVR report states Guzman plans to appeal the suspension.

Denver Police paid more than $1 million in brutality settlements in 2011 in a series of high profile cases.

WATCH a slideshow of DPD brutality cases settled in 2011:


DPD Brutality Cases Settled In 2011