02/03/2012 04:36 pm ET | Updated Apr 04, 2012

Drew Barrymore Crying Clip: A Mashup Of The Actress' Most Tearful Moments

Who knew Drew Barrymore got so emotional in her films? The "Big Miracle" star likes to play characters with a quirky/lovable sense of humor, but something you may not have noticed about them is that they like to cry. A lot.

Not only will you see each character try (some much harder than others) to produce tears, you'll also start to notice a pattern developing behind each cry-worthy moment.

Therefore, you can call the following the Drew Barrymore Crying In Movies Checklist:

  • Scrunching face
  • Biting upper lip
  • Light hyperventilating
  • Hands over face
  • Lots and lots of sniffling

Drew's latest film, "Big Miracle," opens this weekend. Spoiler alert: she cries in this one, too.

[via Vulture]