02/03/2012 07:47 am ET | Updated Apr 22, 2012

Jennifer Connelly For Shiseido: Brand Rehires Former Face (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

In case you needed another already-gorgeous celebrity to sell you more makeup, Jennifer Connelly has signed a contract with Shiseido. The "A Beautiful Mind" actress will be the face of the Future Solution LX premium skin care line, with ads dropping in the fall.

Although less of a household name than Revlon or Cover Girl, the high-end Japanese cosmetics brand is actually celebrating its 140th anniversary. In fact, as Connelly told Women's Wear Daily, "I've had a long relationship with Shiseido -- I worked with them in the Eighties on an ad campaign, and have been using their products ever since."

We hadn't known that before, but it's true: with a little digging, we found that the raven-haired actress shilled for Shiseido's "Perky Jeans" line, complete with cheesy Japanese commercials, back in her younger, more perky days.

While we couldn't find any vintage Jennifer Connelly videos, we did find some screenshots as well as a ridiculous Jennifer Beals Shiseido commercial from around the same era, to give you an idea.

Here's to a more grown-up ad campaign this time around...


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