02/03/2012 12:59 am ET

Lana Del Rey Thinks Everything Is Beautiful: A Video Mashup

Lana Del Rey may have fumbled her first 'SNL' appearance, but there's something the brooding singer does with striking consistency: call things "beautiful" and "gorgeous."

The 25-year-old is relatively new to the public eye, but she's said those two words in enough interviews that someone could fill a 0:51-second video with them. Del Rey, who chose her name because she wanted it to sound as, well, beautiful as her music, appears a little spacey in the clip. Perhaps it's the absentminded lip-licking that's looped in, but we still can't help but wonder if she's uncomfortable in interviews or affecting an air we're just not hip to.

The video was made by Sparklepuss Comedy. Head on over to their website for a parody interview with a Lana Del Rey impersonator.

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