Stevie Johnson, NFL Player, Gives Super Bowl Tickets To Teen Who Lost Father

02/04/2012 05:47 pm ET | Updated Feb 07, 2012

Last week, Bills player Stevie Johnson held a contest on his Twitter page to give away two Super Bowl tickets to one of his followers. The contest was scheduled to end Wednesday, but due to a surprise number of tweets from students at one particular high school in Clarence, New York, he decided to end his contest a day early. Why? Because these teens weren't nominating themselves. They were bombarding Johnson with messages about an inspiring classmate and quarterback for their football team, Mark Armstrong, whose father had passed away suddenly three days earlier. Johnson decided this high school junior was the most deserving winner of the contest.

Johnson called Armstrong and gave him the good news over the phone, and his mother describes the event as a "dream come true" for the teen. Armstrong will be bringing his brother, David, to the game -- even though he admits that they'll be rooting for different teams.

Johnson said on his twitter:

"I think of it as a gift that (dad) saved for me... And obviously when my brother and I will be there, (dad) definitely will be there with us," Armstrong said to 2 On Your Side, a local New York station.


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