02/06/2012 04:53 pm ET | Updated Feb 14, 2012

Madonna Super Bowl Performance Draws Neil Patrick Harris, Other Gay Fans To Game

According to the Daily News, Madonna was overheard saying she hoped to "bring gay to the Super Bowl," and that's exactly what the Queen of Pop did. A-list couple Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka showed their pigskin pride this weekend in Indianapolis.

"I know nothing about football," Neil told me on the blue carpet of the Celebrity Beach Bowl, admitting he was in town to see Madonna. "She is amazing. I just hope she doesn't play it safe. When you play to a billion people you are under a lot of pressure to tone it down."

Neil isn't the only one singing Madonna's praises when it comes to creating a very diverse Super Bowl crowd.

"Gay, straight, men, women or transgender, Madonna couldn't care less," a source close to the singer told me. "She is all about bringing people together -- world peace."

Before talking with me on the media line, Neil spoke with his fiance, David, who was been hired as a correspondent by E! Entertainment. That must have been a little awkward.

"He didn't ask me any embarrassing questions," Neil confessed before joking, "but he did ask me, 'Where are the twins?' Which is a very concerning question."