02/07/2012 01:10 pm ET | Updated Feb 07, 2012

Rick Scott Asks Facebook Users To Describe Florida's Legislative Season In One Word, Receives Windfall Of Negativity

As first reported by the Tampa Bay Times, Rick Scott and his staff recently asked Facebook: "If you could use one word to describe Florida's 2012 legislative session, it would be ___________. COMMENT below!"

Lest anyone think Scott is suddenly welcoming an open dialogue, in order to comment one must first "like" his Facebook page.

And what governor, especially one who was voted worst in the nation, wouldn't want to boast his growing number of "likes" on Facebook?

Although nearly 80,000 people "like" the Florida governor on Facebook, apparently most of them are passionate critics, not fans: the comments left for the fill-in-the-blank are overwhelmingly negative.

Out of the 249 responses so far, words garnering the most "likes" at time of publishing are:

  • "corrupt,"
  • "[censored],"
  • "comical,"
  • "dysfunctional,"
  • "self-serving,"
  • "clueless," and
  • "sucked."

There are those asking for his resignation and those asking for a job in a jobless state. Some even lament how they cast their ballot back in 2010: "I regreat [sic] voting for you...big mistake."

Others turn to metaphor: "Politicians are like bananas. They go in half green and come out half rotten."

Meanwhile, some Facebook users saw the firing squad Scott was walking into: "Maybe not a good idea to ask this one, Gov. Scott...."

If you're inclined to tell Scott and his staff how you would describe Florida's 2012 legislative session in one word, don't forget to "unlike" his page after leaving your comment. There's no need to give the governor an undue boost in the Facebook popularity contest.