02/08/2012 11:13 am ET | Updated Feb 08, 2012

Ashton Kutcher Celebrates Birthday With 'Two And A Half Men' Cake

It's no secret that Ashton Kutcher and his "Two and a Half Men" co-stars get along famously.

"He is up for anything, willing to do anything... a great, great spirit," cast mate Jon Cryer recently said of Kutcher, who replaced the sitcom's former star Charlie Sheen.

So, when Kutcher turned 34 yesterday, his colleagues celebrated by presenting the birthday boy with a sizable cake bearing the likeness of Kutcher, Cryer and Cryer's TV son, Angus T. Jones.

Fortunately, Kutcher took the time to tweet a photo of the personalized confection, along with warm words for his fellow actors.

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