'Safe House,' 'The Social Network' And Other Movie Trailers That Use Jay-Z And Kanye West

02/09/2012 08:29 am ET | Updated Apr 09, 2012

The only thing better than an action movie starring Denzel Washington? An action movie starring Denzel Washington that uses Jay-Z or Kanye West as trailer music! In the case of "Safe House," both artists get the honors ("No Church in the Wild" from "Watch the Throne"), making the latest Denzel-plays-the-heavy vehicle seem that much cooler.

Of course, "Safe House" isn't the first film to feature Hova or Yeezy in its marketing campaign. (Thank goodness for that, right?) Ahead, a brief history of songs by Jay-Z and/or Kanye West being used in movie trailers.


A Brief History Of Jay-Z & Kanye West In Movie Trailers


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