02/09/2012 09:01 am ET

'Puppy Conan' Is The Perfect Mix Of Late Night TV And The Puppy Bowl (VIDEO)

For the past eight years, Animal Planet has run the Puppy Bowl to coincide with Super Bowl Sunday, so all the football-indifferent people have something adorable to watch between the commercials. It's basically just a bunch of baby dogs confusedly running around on a mini football field, and there are kitten cheerleaders -- so it's perfect is what we're saying.

Anyway, Conan O'Brien noticed how big the Puppy Bowl has been getting in recent years, and he decided to give his show an extra boost Wednesday night by introducing "Puppy Conan." It's the same as regular "Conan," but with a lot more d'aww.

And if you thought Andy Richter hated that Newt Gingrich wig, just wait til you see how Puppy Andy feels about it.