02/09/2012 06:53 am ET | Updated Feb 09, 2012

'Top Chef Texas': Lindsay And Ed Battle For A Place In The Final Four (VIDEO)

The cheftestants on "Top Chef Texas" (Wed., 10 p.m. EST on Bravo) got a few surprises -- some nasty, some nice -- on Wednesday night.

First, there was the return of Beverly Kim. As the winner of The Last Chance Kitchen competition, she got to rejoin the fray in the fight for the final four spots, and her rivals were not happy to see her back. At all.

In the Elimination Challenge the gang of five cheftestants were tasked with creating a dish that would make their mentors proud. The best four dishes would send their creators through to the Final Four in British Columbia, with the least successful dish sending someone home.

As the winner of the Quickfire Challenge, Sarah Grueneberg had already judiciously chosen a guaranteed spot in the Final Four over taking away a Prius, so she was not up for Elimination.

At judges' table, Paul Qui and Beverly were deemed safe, leaving Lindsay Autry and Ed Lee to battle it out for the last spot.

Lindsay had made a seafood stew, which was hampered by her liberal use of cream and dried herbs. Ed, meanwhile, was on the chopping block because he'd made the mistake of using canned oysters. As any "Top Chef" fan could have told him, the judges really do not like the use of canned seafood.

Judge Hugh Acheson lauded the pair, telling them they should both be "inordinately proud" of the work they'd done.

A tearful Lindsay told the judges that "I'd love to move on, and if not ... I've accomplished so much and I'm okay with it." For his part, Edward told them, "It's been a great experience and I would love for it to continue.

In the end, it was Edward's oyster sauce that doomed him and Padma Lakshmi asked him to pack his knives and go. That leaves Sarah, Paul, Beverly and Lindsay as the Final Four.

Do you think the judges made the right choice?

Follow the battle for the title on "Top Chef: Texas," Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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