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Miami Clubs On The Nightclub & Bar 2012 Top 100

First Posted: 02/10/2012 2:13 pm   Updated: 02/10/2012 3:05 pm

When it comes to nightclubs and bars, their very existence is a win for all of us. But when it comes to Nightclub & Bar Magazine's Top 100 of 2012, not all of them make the cut.

Though Las Vegas venues took a massive 20 slots -- including eight of the top 10 places -- nine Miami and Miami Beach nightspots made the list. Better yet, according to this survey these nine clubs brought in $120 to $180 million just last year. Exciting, no? But considering the now-shuttered money pit Nocturnal made the list in 2011, though, it's up to you just how much stock to put in these things. [View the methodology behind the rankings here.]

The 305's supposed hottest spots, by national ranking:

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  • 5. LIV

    No surprise here: the first club in America to bust up the Vegas stranglehold on the top 10 is Miami Marketing Group's domed palace at The Fontainebleau. From hipster Wednesday nights to Lil' Wayne-stamped Sundays, 5th-place LIV's been the hottest (and most expensive) spot in Miami Beach since it opened several years ago. Estimated 2011 total revenue: $35-45 million

  • 14. Mango's

    Everyone loves Mango's. Sure, they're all tourists, but that doesn't mean the Latin-themed pinata of a supper club isn't a legitimately good time for them -- or the occasional native on a bender, too. The effervescent Ocean Drive spot earned the 14th-best slot nationwide for the second year in a row. Estimated 2011 total revenue: $25-35 million

  • 22. Clevelander

    With prime beachfront real estate on Ocean Drive, a multi-million dollar renovation and the addition of a rooftop bar, the Clevelander's now just a little more cool for locals. The people-watching is ridiculous, aided, no doubt, by a total lack of dress code. It might not get our nod for 3rd best club in town, but the Clevelander is a staple. Estimated 2011 total revenue: $15-25 million

  • 26. Mansion

    Opium Group's crown jewel on Washington Avenue gets a slew of top-notch DJs in the house -- and on top of that, the club just closed for a remodeling of sound and light, emerging as Mansion 360. It may get a little less love than LIV these days, but there's still lines around the block and plenty of party to be had. Estimated 2011 total revenue: $10-$15 million

  • 32: Set

    At 32nd in the nation, Set follows big brother Mansion onto the list. The joint is gorgeous and nearly impossible to get into -- unless you're rich, thin, and beautiful, which is highly likely in Miami. What a fun, sexy time for you! Estimated 2011 total revenue: $10-$15 million

  • 54. Wall

    Though one of South Beach's coziest clubs, Wall Lounge is also one of its best. Whether hosting a Tuesday night weekly featuring Brazilian bass or a birthday for Dwyane Wade, there's nothing ever shabby about this dark, gleaming box of exclusivity tucked in the oceanfront W Hotel. Estimated 2011 total revenue: $10-$15 million

  • 65. Space

    It may be a nightclub, but venerable venue Space is best known as Miami's sunrise rave house, boasting a 24-hour liquor license that turns every party into the after party. Space found its niche with a good sound system, relatively little door drama, and the same DJs playing LIV at a fraction of the cost. 12 years open in Miami is even more impressive than a no. 65 finish implies --especially because Space nabbed last year's IDMA award for "World's Best Club." Estimated 2011 total revenue: $5-$10 million.

  • 68. Cameo

    This balloting process is beginning to lose us. It's one thing to deal with the Opium Group's door policies for entry into Set, it's another entirely for Cameo, one of their less notable outposts. While its assumed financial success clearly vaults Cameo onto the list, there's no way its programming ranks above Miami's little venues that can, including Electric Pickle and Vagabond. Estimated 2011 total revenue: $5-$10 million

  • 92. Dream

    This is now reminding us of <a href="" target="_blank">2011</a>, when Miami's still-open also-rans like Nocturnal and B.E.D. somehow straggled onto the list. Oh, well, everyone's gotta party somewhere -- even a place with a "Nugget Room." Estimated 2011 total revenue: $5-$10 million.


Filed by Janie Campbell  |