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Dog DJ Is The Cutest Mix-Master Ever (VIDEO)

First Posted: 02/10/2012 5:15 pm Updated: 02/13/2012 4:40 am

This dog knows how to scratch more than just its ears. In fact, it's got the whole DJ gig down pat, nonchalant attitude and all.

Each time its owner scratches a beat, the pup "plays" back the sound with its tiny paw. The only thing that's missing is a live audience, but we guess YouTube will have to suffice.

The result is an "aww"-inducing 40-second video that serves as the perfect way to end a long week.

(OK, fine. The pooch is probably not doing scratching on its own, but sometimes it's nice to just watch a video without actually analyzing every little thing.)

Via BuzzFeed.


Filed by Ileana Llorens  |