How Do You Live With Hand-Me-Downs? (PHOTOS)

02/10/2012 04:20 pm ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

Here at Stylelist Home, we're big proponents of secondhand items, because we love thinking of the different "lives" they might have had. But this is doubly true when those vintage goods happen to come from people we care about. Whether it's practical or sentimental, hand-me-downs usually come with great stories attached and can add a little character to your home sweet abode. To honor those who have graciously added to our decor, we've rounded up our own personal hand-me-downs, from Editor Brie Dyas's special Peruvian coffee table to Deputy Editor Dickson's quiche plate. Flip through the slideshow below to see our most prized secondhand possessions.

And because we always love a good story, we want you to submit your own favorite home hand-me-downs. It can be passed along from anyone -- parents, grandparents, neighbors, ex-lovers, a kind stranger -- anyone! Just be sure to briefly tell us who you received it from and why you adore it. We can't wait to see what you have to offer!

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