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Jason Gilbert

iPad 3 Release Coming Soon: Don't Buy An iPad Until March 7

Posted: 02/16/12 06:08 PM ET  |  Updated: 02/16/12 06:08 PM ET

New Ipad Do Not Buy Ipad 3 Release

Last weekend, a friend of mine (we'll call her "Tiffany," because her name is Tiffany) posted on Facebook that she was off to buy an iPad. "Finally getting one!" she wrote, and her choice was affirmed by dozens of Likes on her status and comments like "!!!!!" and "wooooooo." One of Tiffany's pals, in fact, was so excited that he could only manage an "OMGGGGGG," being so shocked that he was apparently transformed into a polytheist.

Well, I hate to be the bear of bad news here, so to speak, but Tiffany: There is no worse time than right now to buy an iPad.

This goes for the rest of you, too, and not just friends of mine who happen to be named Tiffany: Unless you really, really need one, you should NOT buy an iPad this month. Don't do it. There will almost certainly be a new iPad announced on March 7, and you are going to feel somewhere between silly and stupid if you spend $500 on an iPad 2 when you could have gotten a superior iPad 3 (or iPad 4G, or iPad 2S, or whatever it's called) for the same price or less if you had waited a few weeks.

At this point, we know enough about the release timeframe of the next iPad that paying full price for an iPad 2 is just a foolish way to part with your money. Unless you're also buying a $131,000 smartphone this February, wait until March rolls in to get your iPad.

Here's why:

1. The iPad 3 Is Probably Going To Be Announced On March 7
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This past week, no less than four news outlets with super trustworthy sources -- The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal's All Things Digital blog, The Next Web, and Jim Dalrymple of The Loop -- independently confirmed that Apple would be holding an iPad event in San Francisco during the first week of March, with Apple blog iMore pinning March 7th as the big announcement date.

John Paczkowski of All Things Digital was the first to report on the early March announcement; Paczkowski was also the first to correctly report that the iPhone 4S would be announced in October 2011, and that the event would be held on October 4, 2011, with Tim Cook presenting.

In other words, the man has strong sources inside Apple; whoever is whispering in Paczkowski's ear is generally whispering the truth. Apple isn't commenting, as it doesn't "respond to rumors," but you better believe that the folks in Cupertino are all but putting the finishing touches on their iPad 3 event invitations.

Those invitations, by the way, will probably read March 7th, if you need an exact date for your iCal. Apple blog iMore got the scoop, with another confirmation by Dalrymple).


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