02/13/2012 05:57 pm ET | Updated Feb 14, 2012

Kelly Ripa's Stella McCartney Dress Invites Viewer Critique As Darts Are Mistaken For Nipples (VIDEO)

Kelly Ripa isn't usually one for offending her viewers. But on Monday's episode of her show "Live! With Kelly," the host caused just a bit of outrage when the darts of her Stella McCartney "Miracle" dress were mistaken for her nipples.

In the second segment of her show, Ripa addressed the fashion faux pas by reading letters from anger viewers, who wrote such comments as, "I think your headlights are on," and "It's a nice dress but your nipples should not be showing."

She then went on to explain it was the darts of the dress, not her own parts:

"I'm wearing what's known as the Stella McCartney 'Miracle' dress. It's suppose to give you a nice hour glass figure...they're not nipples, it's the darts of the dress."

The darts are sewn into the "Miracle" dress (also known as the "Octavia") to help provide structure and drama to the garment... and it seems this dress did exactly that. While Ripa usually loves the spotlight on her, this time around she seemed more than just a little embarrassed, joking:

"Everyone knows I had my nipples removed years ago. It's the dress but thank you all for helping me feel insecure."

Kelly isn't the only celeb to rock this dress, Kate Winslet wore the dress twice on red carpet last year and was praised for her look. We've seen it in real life and we have to admit, it does work miracles for even the curviest torso... and sometimes, even the chest.