02/13/2012 05:43 am ET | Updated Apr 14, 2012

'Shameless': After Seeing Frank With His Mom, Fiona Finds Some Sympathy For Him (VIDEO)

What could be so terrifying that Frank would tie the bedsheets together in an attempt to sneak out the window of Sheila's house on the latest episode of "Shameless" (Sun., 9 p.m. EST on Showtime). It's the force of nature that is his mother. She came riding in like a freight train, fresh off of a 12-year stint in the slammer for running a meth lab.

For all of Franks' faults as a parent -- and there are so very many -- his mother may well have been even worse. Certainly now she's no picnic, though she at least shows a slightly softer side of herself to Fiona and the kids ... that is, if trying to buy their affection can be seen as a softer side. At least it worked on the younger ones.

She immediately pulled Frank into her life of crime, trying to collect $200,000 from her former partner. Frank, being who he is, attempted to steal some of the money for himself when he went back without her knowing and accepted $75,000 in cash. He gave his mother $50,000 and told her that's all of it. But she knew better, and callously stabbed him in the thigh with a screwdriver so he'd pay up.

She certainly brings a powerful new dynamic to the Gallagher family. It seems inevitable that she'll eventually face off against the other strongest personality in the house when one of her shenanigans puts one of the kids in danger. Mama Fiona is as scary as they come, and it's likely Grandma Gallagher may find that out soon. For now, she's made herself at home in Frank's bedroom.

As Frank got himself thrown out of Sheila's house, after a cruel tirade of anger when he found out her late husband's insurance money was going to go to Sheila's daughter and her new husband. Sheila stood up for herself twice in the episode, despite not being able to get all the way down to the main level of her own house thanks to her crippling agoraphobia. There's another person who's not afraid of Grammy Gallagher.

See what Grammy gets up to next as "Shameless" continues Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on Showtime.

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