Todd Is The Ultimate Villain In A Romantic Tragedy (VIDEO)

02/14/2012 03:29 pm ET
  • Lindsay The Huffington Post

Nothing makes me want to sit down and watch a good ol' love story quite like Valentine's Day. Movies like "Blue Valentine," "Kill Bill Vol. II" and "Revolutionary Road" just reveal so much about the human condition. And love. You know, if you look past the violence and blood and heartbreak, you will see the truth and beauty of love in these films. The truth that all love dies. It dies a painful, heart wrenching death. Gosh, I sure do love cinema. Todd never loved cinema. In fact, he would never watch movies with me (or opera). Perfect, now I have the time and space to watch all of these lovely films. Alone.

A NOTE FROM HUFFPOST VALENTINE'S DAY EDITORS LINDSAY AND TODD, WHO BROKE UP THIS MORNING: We're not letting today's personal issues affect the quality content we bring you every Valentine's Day! Still, if you want to know exactly how Todd Lindsay messed up, we are keeping a liveblog.