02/15/2012 05:38 pm ET | Updated Feb 15, 2012

Marco Rubio Gets An Anti-Valentine's Gift From Protesters (WATCH)

We're not exactly sure what Senator Marco Rubio was up to on Valentine's Day, but here's guessing it was more romantic than the "Valentine's Day" card dozens of passionate protesters delivered to his Miami office, upset about what they said is too much love for the wealthy and not enough for working families.

"The tax breaks and loopholes have been great for a few, but none of it’s possible without politicians like you!" read a giant heart-spangled card designed to appear from Carnival Cruise Lines and Wells Fargo Bank.

"He refuses to even consider a tax increase on millionaires, or closing any of these giant tax loopholes loved by giant corporations such as Carnival and Wells Fargo," said Jose Suarez of organizing community coalition 1Miami, who previously staged a three-day sit-in at Rubio's D.C. office. "That makes it clear to us who are his true sweethearts.”

Though the group arrived with balloons and bullhorns to an audience with only an aide, members weren't discouraged -- in fact, they're subscribing to the sort of twisted romance The Police warned us about.

"We're not looking for a meeting because we've tried that many times," said a protester. "He didn't want to meet us, [so] now we're just watching him."


Rubio's Anti-Valentine