02/15/2012 04:15 pm ET | Updated Feb 15, 2012

Apple's Siri May Soon Speak Japanese, Work On iPad 3 (RUMOR)

Siri's got a big mouth.

The Apple news blog 9to5mac reports that Apple's virtual assistant, which currently supports German, French and English, may inadvertently be outing herself as a Japanese speaker.

Indeed, when we asked Siri what languages she spoke, she told us she speaks "English, French, German and Japanese ... so far," and reminded us that we can change the language in the app's settings. But there is no option there to switch it to Japanese.


Apple says Siri will add Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Korean and Italian this year, but this "outing" is leading many to speculate that the Japanese capability will come very soon.

And that's not all. On Tuesday, SlashGear reported that Siri may be available on the iPad 3, which is expected to be released on March 7.

The speculation comes from a new token that Apple has added to Siri rendering the application inoperable on devices other than the iPhone 4S. According to Apple, the app "works exclusively on iPhone 4S," but many have jailbroken their iPhone and iPad devices to allow Siri to work. (Check out for a detailed report about the token.)

SlashGear's Chris Burns, however, notes that the token may not simply be meant for keeping Siri off other devices, but rather for preparing the app to work on the upcoming iPad 3.

Siri's popularity has spawned countless competitors, including Iris (Siri spelled backwards), an app for Android that last week found itself the center of controversy when it was revealed to be giving controversial and racist answers to some questions.

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