02/16/2012 08:54 am ET

Chris Matthews: Rush Limbaugh's Comments 'Is An Astounding Assault on Women's Rights'

MSNBC host Chris Matthews harshly criticized conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh over comments he made on Tuesday regarding Democrats and abortion.

On his radio show, Limbaugh wondered why contraceptives were considered what he called "a must-have," in comparison to toothpaste or a car. He also questioned why people, specifically Democrats, are afraid of birth. "Could it be that Democrats fear kids?" he wondered. "I mean, they are aborting their own people. The vast majority of people having abortions are Democrat voters."

Matthews took umbrage at Limbaugh's comments. During his MSNBC show on Wednesday, Matthews said that Limbaugh's comments were "an astounding assault on women's rights." He added that Limbaugh's comments were a "weird kind of message" and sounded like what Matthews called "the hatred of women."

Matthews said, "I don't care what language he uses about aborting and all that. He's basically saying, me, this big telling women there's something wrong with you in deciding whether you want kids or not. He's been married four times without kids. I wonder if birth control had something to do with it. it's a joke!" As Matthews' guests jumped in and began debating Limbaugh's comments, Matthews asserted, "We should have more women on the show. Right now."


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