02/16/2012 02:07 pm ET | Updated Apr 17, 2012

Florida Man Rodolfo Valladares Tried To Cash $100 Check ... Gets $3.3M

It's not every day that you walk into a bank planning to cash a $100 check -- and ultimately find yourself $3.3 million richer.

That's what happened to Rodolfo Valladares, who walked into a Florida Bank of America in July 2008 to cash said check.

A teller mistakenly identified him as a robber who had been hitting area banks and set off the silent alarm. Things went south for Valladares, who was handcuffed by police and kicked in the head.

Now a jury has awarded him $3.3 million in damages, having ruled that the bank was negligent in both tripping the alarm and not canceling it when they realized Valladares was a customer, not a criminal.