'Piggyback Bandit' Banned in Five States: Sherwin Shayegan Not Welcome at High School Sporting Events

02/16/2012 09:27 am ET

HELENA, Mont. -- High School sports teams in several states have been keeping an eye out for a man known as the Piggyback Bandit.

Twenty-eight-year-old Sherwin Shayegan has been banned from high school sporting events in Washington, Oregon, Montana, North Dakota and Minnesota.

He has become known for ingratiating himself with high school teams – usually basketball – and then hoisting his 240 pounds onto the backs of the student athletes for piggyback rides.

He's left a trail of befuddled athletes in his wake.

In October, Shayegan was arrested in Helena, Mont., for jumping on two unsuspecting high school soccer players during a state tournament. Montana high school officials are worried his actions will hurt someone.

Police believe Shayegan may have gone back to western Washington, where he has 16 convictions dating back to 2004 that include criminal trespass, vehicle prowling and resisting arrest.