02/16/2012 03:29 pm ET Updated Mar 05, 2012

Valentine's Baby Born With Heart-Shaped Birthmark And Red Hair In Indiana (PHOTOS)

A special Valentine's Day baby came into the world on Feb. 14, complete with a heart-shaped birthmark and a tuft of red hair.


Baby Julianna Valencia caused quite a commotion when nurses at Indiana's St. Margaret Health-Hammond Family Birthing Center noticed the newborn's unique features.

Mother Jessica Valencia, 24, said nurses and her sister-in-law were quick to point out the heart-shaped mark on the baby's left leg, according to the center's press release.

"You're not going to believe it," they said.

Angel Valencia's, Julianna's proud father, said he was already excited about his daughter's birth date.

"But then, like, the birthmark just made it that much better, you know?" he told CBS Chicago.

In addition to her holiday-appropriate looks, Julianna was reportedly conceived during her parents' honeymoon this summer, prompting grandmother Bertha Alcantar to call her a "love baby."

Julianna's special birthmark might set her apart from others, but with hair just like big sister Jessalyn's, the baby fits right in with her family.

The Indiana parents weren't the only couple to welcome a baby with a heart-shaped birthmark on Valentine's Day, though.

In Michigan, Samantha Johnson gave birth to baby Karter three weeks before her due date, the Sentinel-Standard reports.

The baby entered the world with a raised heart-shaped mark on his forehead, and mom said he was "the perfect Valentine's gift."