Vinod Thakur: 'India's Got Talent's Legless Break Dancer Talks How He Learned His Moves (VIDEO)

02/16/2012 11:48 am ET

Because there can never be too many interviews with a legless break dancer, Vinod Thakur, India's premiere break dancer who happens to not have legs, is back on the Youtubes this week, talking about how he learned to dance. Thakur, a contestant in the 2010 season of "India's Got Talent," was born without legs, and became skilled at walking on his hands long before his friends encouraged him to dance (after eating his dust on the stairs, according to a former teacher of theirs). He lost "IGT" to the glass-chewing Warriors of Goja, who proved once and for all that talent shows are better in India.

The video below and Thakur's Facebook page seem to indicate he's still breaking it down post-"IGT," wowing crouched bystanders and putting four-limbed break-dancers to shame when he's not working as a mobile phone repairman. As for all the Youtube commenters wondering if his moves are actually easier to do without legs: safe to say organizing one's life without legs such that it's possible to learn how to break dance is probably pretty hard though.


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