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Ryan James Yezak, Independent Filmmaker, Explains 'What Homosexuality Is Not' (VIDEO)

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Independent filmmaker Ryan James Yezak's trailer for "Second Class Citizens," a planned documentary about the gay rights movement, went viral almost instantaneously upon its release last month. Now Yezak is hoping to follow up on the success of that video with two slickly-produced new clips in support of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights.

Yezak's two latest videos, "What Homosexuality Is Not" and "It's Time To Think Different," are done in a similar stream-of-consciousness style to their predecessor, which snippets of LGBT-friendly Hollywood movies like "Clueless" and "My Best Friend's Wedding," along with archival news footage, intercut with anecdotal dialogue from a varying series of narrators.

As The New Civil Rights Movement is pointing out, Yezak was criticized by some in the LGBT community for his first video's lack of diversity -- and based on the new clips, that critique did not go unnoticed by the filmmaker.

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View "What Homosexuality is Not" below:

View "It's Time To Think Different" below:

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