Woman's Body Found Stuffed Inside Laundry Bag In Brownsville, Brooklyn Vacant Lot

02/16/2012 09:35 am ET

The body of a woman was found stuffed inside a laundry bag in a vacant lot in Brownsville, Brooklyn Wednesday afternoon.

Authorities tell The Daily News the victim, a middle-aged black woman with cornrows, was discovered among trash just a few steps from the sidewalk near the corner of Lott Avenue and Bristol Street.

“Obviously they weren’t trying to hide anything. It’s crazy,” said City Councilman Charles Barron.

The identity of the woman and cause of death were still unknown. The NYPD is awaiting more details from the medical examiner.

Neighbors told The New York Times the area's usually busy that time of day and it's unclear how anybody would've dumped a body without being noticed.

“Nowhere is safe,” 83-year-old Edward Allwood, who lives across the street from the lot, told The Times. “Everywhere they’re doing the same kind of dirt.”

The Daily News also taked to an 83-year-old man at the scene who lives across the street, who said of the body, "It happens so often around here that when you see one, it don’t bother me nothing."

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