02/17/2012 08:42 am ET

Airplane Runs Off Runway In Philippines (VIDEO)

An Airphil Express flight from Manilla to Kalibo ran off the runway by some 200 feet Monday, and a lucky (unlucky?) passenger filmed the whole thing.

YouTube user sjvoyager filmed the flight's final descent -- complete with a seat belt reminder seconds before touch down -- and landing on the runway.

No one on board was hurt when the plane continued on into the grass past the runway, but chuckles were heard on board by passengers. People on the ground saw smoke come from the plane's right side landing gear, according to Aviation Herald, which prompted an emergency response. The airport's runway was closed for four hours as the plane was towed. No word on how the passengers deplaned.

Last month, a video of planes landing in heavy crosswinds at Dusseldorf airport went viral.