02/17/2012 04:54 pm ET

Extreme Weather Of The Week (PHOTOS)

There was no shortage of wild weather this week as eastern Europe continued to deal with cold and heavy snowfall.

Things were a little less severe in the Netherlands, where frozen canals allowed locals to ice skate through Amsterdam.

Parts of the UK are set to face blizzard-like conditions this weekend with several inches and winds in excess of 30 mph expected in some areas.

In Canada, a coastal town in northern Labrador is struggling to keep its "entire water system from freezing solid," according to The Canadian Press.

New statistics from the 2011 Texas drought emerged this week. According to the Texas Forest Service, 5.6 million urban shades trees died during Texas' driest year on record, reported Reuters.

Below, check out some of the coolest and most extreme weather photos from around the world this week. How do the pictures compare to the weather in your area?

Extreme Weather Of The Week 2/17/12