02/17/2012 06:58 am ET | Updated Feb 17, 2012

'Jersey Shore': Mike Wants Snooki In A Whipped Cream Bikini (VIDEO)

For once Snooki was the restrained one as she fended off Mike's drunken rambling advances on "Jersey Shore" (Thu., 10 p.m. EST on MTV).

Taking a break from hooking up with random girls at the local bar, Mike tried to get his kicks closer to home, so he launched a campaign to wear down Snooki's defenses.

First up was an invitation to don a bikini made of whipped cream. But hey, he'd be wearing cream too, so it was all good.

When Snooki turned him down, saying she wanted to go out to have fun instead, he made the oh, so romantic suggestion of getting really drunk and then whipping out his furry handcuffs.

That didn't work either.

As Snooki said later, "why does Mike have to be such a creep all the time? ... All he thinks about is sex and hooking up!" (Is Snooki finally growing up at last?)

Eventually Snooki tired of listening to Mike ramble and so she walked out on him and his lewd suggestions. But he just couldn't resist one last try: "Can you just wear the furry boots when you come back?" to which she replied "Oh dear god ..." and just kept walking.

"Jersey Shore" airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.

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