Mom's Mickey Mouse Costume Causes School Lockdown On Valentine's Day

02/17/2012 03:00 pm ET

One mom's costume change elicited a schoolwide lockdown on Valentine's Day.

Parents were invited to attend holiday festivities with their children at a Canfield, Ohio, school on Tuesday. One mother took up the offer and signed herself in at the office.

She proceeded to the bathroom and changed into a Mickey Mouse costume to surprise the students, the Vindicator reports.

After the party was over, the woman changed back into her everyday attire. But when workers could no longer find "Mickey," they worried the masked character was on the loose and issued a lockdown.

"It was a case of, Mickey Mouse was here, and then he was missing," superintendent Dante Zambrini told the Vindicator.

Piper Weiss, a writer for Yahoo! Shine, wrote that the day's events probably had a negative effect on both the mother and the students.

"This was probably not how mom-of-the-year imagined the day to go down," Weiss wrote. "It's also not how kids envisioned adults reacting to a sweet, high-pitched, lovable mouse in a bow-tie."

The silver lining? The school's lockdown procedure went off without a hitch, and the mom was cleared.

In December, a Seattle school went on lockdown after parents recognized a fugitive who had shown up to chaperone an ice skating field trip.

Donald Vasser told police he decided to take a chance and attend the outing to please his daughter, KING 5 reported. The school district said they weren't certain how Vasser received permission to attend the field trip, as he was not cleared to chaperone.