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Daniel Radcliffe's Trevor Project PSA In Support Of LGBT Youth Premieres (VIDEO)

First Posted: 02/22/2012 10:55 am Updated: 02/22/2012 10:29 pm

Daniel Radcliffe continues to express his dedication to gay rights and anti-bullying causes with a Trevor Project public service announcement, which aired after a controversial episode of "Glee."

"I believe reaching out for help is the bravest thing a person can do," the "Harry Potter" star announces in the new clip.

Radcliffe, whose new thriller "The Woman In Black" opened earlier this month to strong reviews, also spoke out on behalf on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth in the March issue of Attitude magazine. "Gay people should have equality in law everywhere," he said. "If you grow up as a young gay man knowing you don't have the same opportunities as everyone else, you're going to feel victimized and massive prejudice towards you."

After watching Radcliffe's new clip above, check out HuffPost Gay Voices blogger Scott Wooledge's slideshow of 10 straight guys we love for supporting LGBT rights:

Louis C.K.
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Comedian Louis C.K. demonstrates aptly how the talking points have left the LGBT advocacy building and reemerged in the popular public discourse. He acknowledges the reality on the ground in a hilarious, hyperbolic imaginary hearing at the Supreme Court.

The LGBT equality side makes their well-argued positions, grounded on principles of equal protection under the law, and Louis imagines the opponent's exchange with the Justice. Louis' intonation and vocal inflection makes very clear whose side he's on.

The Money Quote:

And they ask the other lawyer, and he says, "Your Honor, they're fucking queer! They're queer!" That's it, isn't it? That's the whole... "Well, OK, counselor, but I don't see what that has..." "What are you, a fucking faggot?! Your Honor, you're gonna get a fucking beating... Faggot!" Isn't that the whole argument?

Pretty much, Louis, that is the whole argument.

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