High Winds, Winter Weather For Colorado

02/22/2012 03:48 pm ET | Updated Apr 23, 2012

DENVER — Strong gusts have delayed flights in Denver, downed power lines and trees in Boulder and fueled two wildland fires in Boulder County.

At Denver International Airport, arriving flights could only approach from the west as winds gusted up to 40 mph. That delayed arrivals an average of 1 1/2 hours before the wind shifted, allowing the airport to use all of its runways for takeoffs and landings Wednesday.

A gust of 88 mph was recorded near Boulder, where winds snapped power poles and a tree fell on a parked car. Two Boulder County fires prompted warnings to residents.

The warm winds drove temperatures into the 60s around Colorado Springs, but in the northern mountains, the National Weather Service predicts up to 30 inches of snow before the storm ends Thursday.