02/23/2012 01:58 pm ET | Updated Feb 23, 2012

Ali Wentworth Talks Growing Up, Offer From Playboy

George Stephanopoulos is used to his hilarious wife, Ali Wentworth’s, outrageous behavior, but her mother clearly wasn't amused when her daughter called her to say she had been offered a Playboy spread.

"I grew up with political journalists as parents during Watergate. Our phones were tapped, which for an entertainer was exciting because I got to say balls and hang up," Ali told me on the set of "New York Live."

Ali went on to work on "In Living Color," where she impersonated Cher and got a note from the legend herself with the sentiment, "kiss my ass."

"[Ali's mother] Muffie [Brandon Cabot] wanted me to go to Katie Gibbs secretarial school or maybe work on the Hill for a senator and I kept saying, this is what I want to do," Ali said. "I remember when I was on 'Living Color' they were doing a funny women's issue of Playboy and they called me and said, 'we are offering you $100,000 to pose for Playboy'. And I went, 'let me call my mom.' Now, I know what I look like naked and it's not going to sell any magazines, so I wasn't going to do that but I loved calling my mother. There was a long pause and she went, 'I will pay you $100,001 not to'."

Ali dedicated her new bestselling book "Ali in Wonderland" to her mother, whose solution to everything no matter how hard things get is, "go to the Four Seasons Hotel."


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