02/23/2012 03:46 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

The Best Cabinet Knobs From Restoration Hardware, Home Depot, IKEA And More

Though choosing new cabinets can be a tall task, picking out cabinet knobs is a whole different story. We think of pulls as the "jewelry" of the decor realm, adding sparkle, edge or just a little extra personality to furnishings normally seen as purely functional. They're also absurdly easy to install. Really, you just remove the current knobs, then screw the new ones into place.

Of course, deciding on cabinet knobs can be the most challenging part of the project. Retailers like Anthropologie, Home Depot and Restoration Hardware present dozens of options across many different prices. We hate to cop out and say 'It all depends on your style!' -- but that's exactly the case.

However, there are a few noteworthy designs that have caught our eye. From wrought iron to gorgeous glass, click through the slideshow to see our current favorite cabinet knobs.


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