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California Most Hated State, According To Recent Poll (PHOTOS)

  First Posted: 02/23/2012 5:50 pm   Updated: 02/24/2012 9:04 pm

Here at The Huffington Post we were shocked -- shocked -- to discover the results of a national poll by Public Policy Polling about the popularity of each state in the country. The most disliked state in the nation: California.

In fact, only five states in the country were in the negative territory, including Utah (24 percent of people polled found the state favorable and 27 percent found it unfavorable), Mississippi (22-28), New Jersey (25-32), Illinois (19-29) and California with a whopping 44 percent of those polled viewing the state unfavorably. Only 27 percent of those polled viewed California favorably, and 29 percent had no opinion. (See all of the results here.)

Perhaps to no one's surprise, California ranked lowest with Republicans (according to the poll results, they "absolutely hate" the state) and highest with Democrats and women. Hawaii was the most liked state, followed by Colorado, Tennessee, South Dakota and Virginia. And then every other state in the country, and THEN California.

Say it ain't so!

Could it be our towering Redwoods? Our staggering coastline? Our 80-degree weather on February 23? Perhaps it's our mild temperament and active lifestyle. Or maybe it's that we're the world's fifth largest supplier of food.

HuffPost San Francisco can happily say good riddance -- you can keep the other 49.

We've teamed up with HuffPost Los Angeles to create a slideshow of our favorite places in the Golden State. Check them out in our slideshow below and let us know if we forgot one in the comments section:

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  • Thousand Island Lake, Madera County

    We could make a slideshow devoted entirely to the Sierra Nevada Mountain range, but Associate Editor Robin Wilkey's favorite spot is Thousand Island Lake. The lake gets its name from the tiny, glittering granite islands that break up its surface.

  • Muir Woods

    In Assistant Editor Aaron Sankin's home county, Muir Woods - a fog-shrouded old-growth coastal redwood forest - makes for some of the most gorgeous hikes in the country.

  • Ace Hotel and Swim Club, Palm Springs

    As if Los Angeles didn't get enough sunshine, Angelinos know a case of the blues can be cured with a quick trip to the desert. And, keeping things stylish as usual, HuffPost LA Editor Sasha Bronner swears by Ace Hotel Palm Springs for her fix.

  • Russian River Valley

    Between the river, the apple orchards, the vineyards and the forest, Associate Editor Robin Wilkey considers her hometown Russian River Valley to be the most beautiful place on Earth.

  • Big Sur

    Jack Kerouac <a href="" target="_hplink">had it right</a> -- few places in the universe are more inspiring than Big Sur, the rugged stretch of beaches and cliffs and mountains and trees along the central coast. HuffPost San Francisco Editor Carly Schwartz comes down here when she needs a weekend of, to borrow a favorite phrase from Arianna, "unplugging and recharging."

  • The Castro

    Though California is still deep in the battle for same-sex marriage, San Francisco's Castro district has been a safe haven for the LGBT community for decades.

  • Coachella

    California has its share of music festivals, but all are humbled by one: Coachella. For one weekend (and now two!) San Francisco and LA come together for an all-out party in the desert. While we can certainly understand the complaints of its vocal opponents (dubstep can be heard for miles), HuffPost SF still thinks it's one of the best places to be in the state.

  • Joshua Tree

    For climbers, soul-seekers and trippers alike, there's no place quite as spiritual as J Tree.

  • Ojai

    Surrounded by hills and mountains with the beach 15 miles to the west, Ojai is LA Editor Sasha Bronner's Southern California paradise. The sweet small town is home to the lush Ojai Valley Inn, where the spa is ranked among the top in the world.

  • Squaw Valley

    You really can't go wrong in Lake Tahoe, but Squaw Valley might be the cream of the crop -- especially according to Assistant Editor Aaron Sankin. The mountains offer incredible skiing in the winter and mountain biking come summer. And the Village at Squaw Valley Resort offers quite the scene year-round.

  • Griffith Observatory

    It's hard to imagine a calm place in Los Angeles. But the Griffith Observatory - towering above the city - is an LA favorite for gorgeous views and a little peace and quiet.

  • West Marin

    It's been argued that West Marin is the most beautiful place in the world. (At least at the HuffPost SF dinner table.) The stretch of rural region is home to Point Reyes, Bolinas, Tomales, Inverness and Stinson and Dillon beaches. Forest, mountains and farmland roll down to the Pacific, and visitors can find oyster farms, markets and antique shops tucked into the towns.


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