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Arizona Republic Editor Philip Boas Responds To Romney Campaign Condensing Paper's Endorsement

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When the Mitt Romney campaign blasted out Friday's front page Arizona Republic endorsement to its press list, there were several notable omissions, including the paper's criticism of the Romney's immigration views, concerns about the candidate's passion, and references to the term "vulture capitalist" and his comment that he enjoys firing people.

But Philip Boas, editorial page editor of the Arizona Republic, says he isn't bothered by the campaign's selective editing of his paper's endorsement.

"It doesn't surprise me at all," Boas told The Huffington Post. "I would imagine all campaigns do that."

"Campaigns are going to project and amplify their positives and they're going to downplay the negatives," he added.

The Romney campaign has a reputation for editing out potentially negative parts of transcripts or endorsements before them sending out to reporters, such as Wednesday's from the Detroit News.

Nolan Finley, the Detroit News' editorial page editor, took issue with those omissions.

“They should have run the complete, original version,” Finley told media writer Jim Romenesko. “It’s a bit inappropriate to edit out the mild criticism.” (The campaign later told Romenesko it had truncated the endorsement in order to comply with copyright laws.)

Boas, however, doesn't have any similar gripe and pointed out that his paper's endorsement can be easily found, in full, online.

"I'm not troubled," Boas said. "It's all out there. It's the age of new media. It's in a million places now on the web."

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Arizona Republic Endorses Mitt Romney, Who Omits Critical Lines When Touting It

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