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Tim Pawlenty: 'I've Taken Myself Off The List' To Be Mitt Romney's Vice President

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Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty has been one of Mitt Romney's most enthusiastic and high-profile surrogates since he ended his own bid for president last summer.

In an interview with "Fox & Friends" on Friday morning, Pawlenty said that although he was happy to back Romney, he had no interest in becoming his running mate.

"The answer is, I'm not going to be considering that, and I've taken myself off the list," he told host Gretchen Carlson when asked about the prospect of Romney naming him as his vice presidential running mate. "He's going to have a lot of great people to pick from. I was down that road before with Senator [John] McCain. I'm honored to help Governor Romney as a volunteer and to help him in any way I can. ... He'll be able to pick from a lot of other people for VP."

Pawlenty also said he was confident that "Mitt is going to win" the Michigan primary, but that if Romney didn't, it wouldn't be "the end of anything."

Romney's father was governor of the state, and for a time, it was widely expected that he would easily win there. But in recent weeks, Rick Santorum has been gaining ground with the state's blue-collar voters.

Carlson also asked Pawlenty about all the ups and downs of the GOP primary contest, wondering if he now regretted dropping out so early.

"I had my chance," replied Pawlenty. "We couldn't get it over the finish line. I regret some of the tactical decisions that we made in my campaign. But the fact is, we had our chance and didn't get it done. I'm really excited to support Mitt."


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