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Presidential Candidates' Oscar Picks (PHOTOS)

First Posted: 02/26/2012 3:03 pm Updated: 02/26/2012 4:27 pm

The Oscars and the GOP presidential race have a lot in common: There have been a few surprises, but for the most part, everyone knows who the winners will be. But we assume that like most Republicans, known for their effusive love of Hollywood, the current crop of candidates will drop everything tonight to take a vested interest in the Academy Awards

But so far, the candidates have remained silent on their picks. A little too silent. Luckily for them, we made them up so they don't have to take time out of their busy schedules of lambasting birth control to choose whether George Clooney or that French guy will win big. Based on what we know about the candidates, we filled out their Oscar ballots for them.

Mitt Romney
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BEST ACTOR: That George Clooney is something else. But he was robbed for "The Ides of March" -- you know, the one where he plays a presidential candidate with unorthodox religious beliefs who faces an uphill battle to his party's nomination? I didn't see how it ended, but I assume it was not at all harrowing.

BEST PICTURE: What primary is coming up next? Michigan? Certainly not "War Horse" then. Capitalism has spoken, and Americans have preferred automobiles to horses for a century -- and I applaud that. I also liked "Moneyball." Why, I remember playing Moneyball as a kid with my dad when we ran out of regular sports equipment. Other than that, I have a long track record of both supporting and dismissing the other films equally.

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: You know what category they should have? Best Supporting Dog. That little pup Uggie from "The Artist" was just crackerjack, wasn't he? That's the kind of dog you'd never tie to the roof of a car. No, sir. That's a quality canine right there.