02/27/2012 09:51 am ET | Updated Feb 27, 2012

Emma Stone's Top 7 Adorably Awkward Moments -- Including Last Night's Oscars

Emma Stone had a big moment last night when she presented at the 2012 Oscars with Ben Stiller. The skit, which you can watch in full here, featured Emma talking excitedly -- at length -- about how it was her first time presenting, with Ben playfully shutting her down. Here's one of their exchanges:

"You don't want to be the presenter who tries too hard." - Ben

"What do you mean, like a guy who would dress in full Avatar makeup or something? I'm surprised you're not in a Planet of the Apes outfit." - Emma

While we'll admit some of it may have been a tad corny, we think she totally pulled it off, and it got us thinking about our other favorite awkwardly adorable onscreen Emma Stone moments. Check out the slideshow below for our top 7 picks. ("Pocket Full Of Sunshine" from Easy A, anyone?)

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