Sheldon Cooley, East Tennessee State University Athlete, Arrested For Allegedly Filing False Report

02/27/2012 06:04 pm ET

Police blew the whistle on a college basketball player in Tennessee who allegedly made up a story that thieves stole $1,300 cash from his apartment.

Sheldon Cooley, a junior on East Tennessee State University's squad, was arraigned Friday for filing a false report in Johnson City, according to WCYB.

Cooley was not in the campus apartment he shares with teammate J.C. Ward when three masked men broke in last Tuesday. Ward, who was present with another Buccaneers teammate, Adam Sollazzo, said the trio tied them up and gagged them before stealing electronics and money from their residence, according to

Cooley, who has been suspended from the basketball team, initially told police that he had recently withdrawn the $1300 from a Walmart money center. He retracted the story later and admitted to campus police that he never had the cash, told the Johnson City Press.

The thieves didn't harm Ward and Sollazzo.

There was an earlier burglary at Ward and Sollazzo's apartment that hasn't been solved yet. In November, Ward reported that a prowler broke through the rear door while he and Cooley were playing a game for the school. The thief took two championship sports rings and a watch from Ward, according to a police report cited by WCYB.

Cooley won't play until the school wraps up its investigation of the robbery.


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