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Marie Colvin's Mother Rosemarie: 'I Want My Daughter Home' (VIDEO)

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Marie Colvin's mother has made a series of emotional calls for her late daughter's body to be returned to her from Syria, where she died last week.

Colvin, a celebrated foreign correspondent for the Sunday Times, was killed last Wednesday, a victim of shelling in the war-torn city of Homs. Since then, her body has remained trapped in the country, despite repeated efforts to evacuate it from the country. The body of fellow journalist Remi Ochlik, who was killed with Colvin, has also remained in Syria.

In an interview with CNN's Soledad O'Brien on Monday night, Rosemarie Colvin was steadfast.

"We are going to do it no matter how difficult it is or no matter how long it takes, I want my daughter home," she said. "We also want the other people out, the injured people, the people who were from other countries who are in there. They need to come out, too."

"If you had an opportunity to address the Assad regime ... what would you say?" O'Brien asked.

"I'd like to get into humanity and asking them to be the best that's in them, be what all our faiths teach us and not do this, not continue with the killing and let these people go and give my daughter the dignity of her life to come home to us," Rosemarie Colvin said. She said that Marie had lived an "important, committed life."

In another interview with the BBC, she said that she would not "accept" her daughter being buried in Syria.

"Sometime, somehow, we will bring her home," she said. "I can't rest myself, I can't have peace in my life if my daughter remains in that country."

Watch Marie Colvin's family on CNN in the video above.

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