02/29/2012 09:58 am ET | Updated May 23, 2012

Tony Robbins Turns 52 On Leap Day, February 29

Could you imagine being a best-selling author and one of the most well-known motivational speakers at only 13? Tony Robbins can. As a leap year baby -- born on February 29, 1960 -- Robbins has technically had only 13 birthdays, including today. (Happy Birthday, Tony!).

Seriously though, the "Awaken the Giant Within" author turns 52 today and seems to have a positive outlook on getting older. As Robbins tweeted on his 50th birthday (on March 1, 2010 because there was no February 29 that year):

With his recent blog posts on finding beauty at any age and "grace in aging," it looks like Robbins embraces the idea of getting older. Robbins even put aging in perspective in this 2011 tweet:

In the mood for some inspiration? Read some of Robbins' quotes on living a happy, successful life here, and check out our slideshow below for some of our favorite tweets from the self-help guru.

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