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Latino Voters Favor Obama Over Any Republican Candidate Six To One (POLL)

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Source: Fox News Latino

A poll released this week by FOX News Latino indicates that Latino voters favor President Obama over any other Republican candidate with a six-to-one margin.

The FOX news Latino poll sampled 1,2000 Latino voters and indicated that President Obama is winning out even among Latinos who voted for Arizona Sen. John McCain in 2008. Albeit, by a small margin.

Considering the results of the Latino Decisions/ImpreMedia survey last December -- in which, 27 percent of those surveyed said that the GOP was “Being hostile” towards Hispanics, while only 8 percent said the same of Democrats -- perhaps this comes to no surprise.

All in all, none of the Republican Presidential candidates have a significant foothold with Latino voters, although 31 percent of respondents said they were undecided as to who they would like to see win the GOP nomination.

While Romney led the pack with 35 percent of voter support, Ron Paul came in second at 13 percent, and Gingrich garnered 12 percent of the Latino vote. About a third of those polled said they were "more likely" to vote Republican if a Latino was on the ticket.

But as Israel Ortega, of the conservative think-tank The Heritage Foundation points out, "if Republicans were to do that, I think that would obviously create a lot of momentum, a lot of excitement. But, I don’t think that Republicans should think that by simply putting a Hispanic on the Vice Presidential ticket that that’s gonna translate into votes."

According to the poll, nearly a quarter of respondents said they would be more likely to vote Republican should Florida junior Sen. Marco Rubio be the vice presidential nominee.

Comedian and author Bill Santiago is skeptical about that. On Monday in his HuffPost LatinoVoices blog post, entitled “Porque Because: Jesus Loves Anchor Babies,” questioned the Republican's "secret weapon."

“Is he really supposed to be the Republican secret weapon for wooing Latinos away from Democrats? All I know about Senator Marco Güero, I mean Rubio, is that he's a Tea Party guy. Let me know when he switches to the Tequila Party. Then maybe I'll take him seriously as a contender,” Santiago wrote.

To Read More of the Results: Visit Fox News Latino.


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