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Dollar Shave Club's Viral Ad is 'F***ing Great' (VIDEO)

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If you're going to advertise a product as mundane as razors, you better make the commercial cool. Or wacky. Or in-your-face. Better yet, make it all all three, like the Dollar Shave Club does in its new pitch.

Even guys who don't shave might want to take up the habit when the club's founder Michael Dubin takes them on a now-viral tour of his warehouse. He disses his competition, points out that his polio-afflicted grandpa didn't need pricey multiple blades, and declares that he's creating jobs. (Trust us, the last bit is funny.) Oh yeah, Dubin also describes his service -- starting at a buck a month for home-delivery of "bleeping-great" twin-blades (plus $2 shipping).

Dubin is cheeky and he knows how to work it in front of a camera. No surprise that the spot is getting lots of attention.

This ad is part of a relaunch, TechCrunch reported, and a robustly backed one at that. Dollar Shave Club raised more than $1 million in initial capital to take a stab at the $2.6 billion grooming market

“I want people to see us as one of the first online-only power brands in the category,” Dubin told TechCrunch.

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