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Mitt Romney Campaign Touts Delegate Strength

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The Mitt Romney campaign sent out a memo Wednesday entitled "Our Opponents’ Last Stand: A Postmortem," touting its delegate strength following Super Tuesday.

"Super Tuesday voting significantly increased Governor Romney’s delegate lead and makes it increasingly difficult for any of his opponents to catch him," wrote Political Director Rich Besson. "To date, Governor Romney has won more than 50% of all delegates awarded and now holds nearly 40% of the 1,144 delegates needed to win the nomination."

The Huffington Post's Jon Ward explained how the Romney campaign's delegate math is different than that of major media organizations. The campaign is not counting North Dakota, which Santorum won last night, since delegates are not technically bound by the caucus results. They are not also counting the three delegate spots apportioned to state party leaders in many states that are not bound by their state's result.

The AP tallied the Super Tuesday delegate count as Romney; 212, Santorum, 84; Gingrich, 72; Paul, 22.

The Huffington Post's Howard Fineman reported Tuesday that the campaign said that no one may be able to gather the 1,144 delegates (a majority) needed.

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